Our Story

Lazyman Life is a company that started when a group of lazy people got together to discuss ways to make life a little easier. That is when a quote was mentioned. The quote is as follows “When I have a tough job in the plant and can’t find an easy way to do it, I have a lazy man put on it. He’ll find an easy way to do it in ten days. Then we adopt that method. “Clarence E. Bleicher. While we are not sure if that is who the credit belongs to we embrace that quote.  We want to make you and your life the most efficient and fulfilling it can be.

We have taken it upon ourselves to be the lazy man from the quote above. This life style comes with a new way of thinking, of relaxing, and of living.  We will strive to find products, perform reviews, actively find anything that will make life the most effective it can be.  We pride our work on making you the laziest person you can become.

Our Promise

We have fun doing our reviews and comparisons, but we also take our responsibility very seriously. Having carefully thought out our scorecard we aim to maintain a promise that every product we recommend meets the high standard we set for ourselves. The idea is that given the information we have access to, including our ability to handle and test a product, we will always strive to be consistent in the application of our scores.

Does it mean the products we recommend above other are perfect? No, but we have faith in our process and will always do our very best to make sure that the products and services we recommend truly help one live the Lazyman Life.

Lazyman Life Team

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The Founders