Humpday Highlight: ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

It's that time of year again. The temperature drops, the costumes come out, the sprinklers go off, and the leaves fall.

Now for those of you lucky souls out there that don't have to do yard work, good for you. Kick back, grab a beverage, and laugh at all of the rest of us that aren't so lucky. So much work, so few Saturdays, and I for one am always on the lookout for ways and tools to do more with less time and effort

Today's highlight is one such tool. Let me introduce you to Releaf Leaf Scoops:

So let's break it down:

  1. Easy to buy: Amazon
  2. Positive reviews; Great customer service
  3. Simple to use and lowers overall effort to accomplish the task
  4. Frees up time to do other things

That's about it. Simple and effective. If there was a negative it might be the price. At $41.95 they are a bit expensive for a single garden tool, but obviously that's relative. If you are swimming in leaves every year something like this could be worth every penny and then some.

Check out this video for more info. Also, look around for a discount code. I've seen some at least one out there that will potentially get you 20 percent off.

You're welcome!

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